Your Own way to fly – Private Jet Card

Find your very own way to fly by a Private Jet. Besides aircraft ownership and fractional ownership, the Jet Card membership is a preferred option for frequent flyers utilizing ad hoc charter.

This service offered by our company it is simple, clear, and fully personalized for Private Jet travelers.

ABI company’s effort is to offer the customers a higher standard of luxury flying. Becoming a member of a Private Jet Card program gives you access to our partners’ premium fleet all over the Globe, the booking flexibility, and a high-quality service accomplished with your very own needs.

The membership makes simple the whole process, from inquiry to booking and to take-off. The Private Jet Card owners have priority booking, availability guaranty, and fixed prices for the same routes.

Private Jet Card benefits:

  • Share your flight hours with your family and friends
  • Booking priority for all inquires
  • Cancellation flexibility
  • Personal assistance 24/7
  • Access to our Partners’ fleet all ower the globe
  • Fixed price per hour for the same route
  • Choice of the right aircraft for the right mission.


Private Jet Card hourly rates

Comparing with your travel requirement choose the right aircraft – Light Jet, Midsize Jet, Super-Midsize Jet, or a long-range Heavy Jet. Our company offers flexible and compatitive hourly rates for all types of traveling.

Contact our experts 24/7 to learn more about the Private Jet Card. Call us on +30 2109967870

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