On-board Catering on a private jet

On-board Catering

On-board catering is one of the vital aspects of a flight to travelers either on Private or Commercial flight.

This blog will give you a view of how fantastic our catering services are on Private Jet Charter. It should also inform you that we’ll go any length to serve you to the best of your experience.

On-board CateringObviously, our catering procedures have had few changes in recent times due to the global pandemic. Our services remain top-notch as ever and our flight attendants have received recent briefing on how to render catering services with health safety as priority without downgrading the taste and quality of the meals you get on board.
Professional nutritionists are in charge of our catering. Compared to others, Private jet services are specifically of high class as VIP services are included in the price of your flight. You can contact our Operations Controllers 24/7  (+30 210 9967870, +30 210 9967872) to discuss about your wishes for on board catering as soon as your booking has been confirmed. Your special requests should be made known to our Operations Controller .

On-board CateringFactors that determine your catering choices

Catering choices that are available for you to select from are based on different factors, like: aircraft type, availability of galley onboard, duration of flight etc.

Longer distances are for larger aircraft depending on specifications. You are open to more Catering service options on larger aircrafts compared to smaller aircraft. You receive catering service on board just like having a special treat at your favorite restaurant.

On the other hand, your comfort remains our priority which is why even on smaller aircraft we still treat you to the best of your experience on private jet flights of 45 – 100 mins. There are numbers of dishes available for you to choose from.

On-board CateringOur On-board Catering

We’ve had couple of travelers that requested for Champagne to be available on board, some even requested for beer. All sort of drinks can be made available to fulfill your comfort on board.
Likewise, any meal that suits your dietary preference can be arranged. From vegetarian menus to dishes for children, including meals for allergic travelers, all can be arranged by our Operations Controllers.
Your comfort on board is one of our priorities at Air Business International. We are at your service to give you the experience of flight, which means our services covers everything including the smallest of details in your request.

Visit Air Business International to book a flight today for an unforgettable Private Jet Charter experience.

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