Ultra Widebody Private Jet Falcon 6X Launched

Dassault Private Jet Falcon 6X

Giving the pandemic challenges the world has faced and still facing, it was exciting to see Dassault dispatch the latest Private Jet aircraft – Falcon6X.

Dassault Private Jet Falcon 6X Different time calls for different measures, which was why launching of the new Dassault Private jet Falcon6X took a different dimension from the usual way. Nevertheless, the new Falcon thrilled the customers that have been looking forward to it at the virtual launching event. Bordeaux-Merignac in France was the venue.

Falcon 6X has a lot more intriguing advantages to offer compare to its predecessors in the Dassault long range family. It has set a new record for other widebody jets to come.

Dassault Private Jet Falcon 6X

Falcon 6X is the first of its kind, ultra-widebody purpose-built business jet. Measuring 6’6’’ and 8’6’’ in height and width respectively. Featuring 30 windows and a skylight feature. The cabin has been styled with natural light accessibility; it provides every possible comfort on a twelve-hour flight. A big plane for almost any mission.

Falcon 6X


The aircraft will travel Hong Kong to London, Moscow to Los Angeles with its intercontinental range of 10,200Km.

Pratt & Whitney PW812D engines are the backbone of the Falcon6X’s efficiency, making it possible to fly between frequented international cites nonstop at max speed of Mach 0.90. She’s also able to do Mach 0.85 for 5100 Nm, Beijing to San Francisco, Moscow to Singapore etc.
All these ranges are covered with fuel consumption reduced by 10% compared to the usual. The three-cabin zoned 16 seats aircraft has the most comfortable and quietest cabin of its class.

Furthermore, Falcon 6X wing supports both high-speed and low-speed performance. Its leading edge and trailing edge produce almost 10knots slower compared to its competitors, this ensures more safety at both take-offs and landings. Safety which is paramount in the aviation world.

Dassault Private Jet


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