Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a great way to show off your properties, whether it is a business, hotel or residential. An aerial view provides a different perspective from which the audience can see the advantages of the location, its infrastructure, and the surrounding establishments. Over the years aerial photography has been warmly welcomed by advertising and marketing executives who use it to the advantage of better presenting their products to their clients.

In order to achieve the desired result and to capture the perfect aerial photo, the pilot must fully understand what the camera operator needs. This is why by working with our professional team, you don’t have to worry about these details. Our pilots have the required skills to position the helicopter in the way that will give you the right angle for the perfect picture.

Taking the perfect aerial photo does not only require the right skills, but also the right equipment. Our helicopter fleet includes aircraft which have been modified to minimise the vibrations. At an additional cost we can also provide stabilizing camera mount equipment (internal and external) which will keep the camera steady. This will allow the photographer to capture clearer photos.

Innovative technologies

At ABI we believe in keeping ahead of the competition by implementing innovative technologies through detailed research and direct access with the international players. We like to keep up with the international best practices, always looking out for new trends and opportunities. This translates into exceptional service for our clients, in any sized market.

With many new developments and investment projects which are taking place in Greece, we are sure that we can provide our clients with turnkey helicopter programs that include all of the necessary components for a successful operation. Whether it is aerial photography, aerial filming, air charter and air taxi that you are looking for, contact us today for the best possible service solution.

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