About Us

Air Business International (ABI) is a leading aviation services company based in Greece. We are committed to providing the highest level of service for every client with safety and efficiency. We have 40 years of experience building strong industry relationships and serving our clients for private aircraft charter, aircraft management, emergency medical services, and tourism services. What sets us apart is our broad reach across many private aviation sectors. With our deep knowledge of the industry and a breadth of professional contacts, we can offer the most competitive rates and services in the market.

We also have a passion for flying. Our goal is to offer seamless journeys, with no time wasted. We place our decades of expertise, bespoke attention, and our hospitality at the service of every client.

We have 40 years of experience building strong industry relationships and serving our clients for private aircraft charter, aircraft management, emergency medical services and tourism services.

How ABI Works


Every call or email is received 24/7 by professional managers who can provide the best charter solution quickly and effectively.
For charter jet flights all over the world, our international network help to find the perfect solution.
All our professional brokers have knowledge about different aircraft types, the passengers, range and luggage limits.
Whatever assistance you may need for your charter flight, you can reach our brokers 24/7, 365 days a year.
Every charter flight is monitored by our team, and all updates are reported shortly to the customers. The reports may include updates on the status of the aircraft or weather conditions which may affect air traffic.
Every customer can provide after-flight feedback which will help us to maintain our exceptionally high standards of service.

Working for Us…

What We’ve Accomplished

ABI has also established two new and innovative networks in Greece to better serve clients: The Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) and the Greek Air Ambulance Network (GAAN).

ABI launched the GATN which is a well-organized, professional network of cost-effective private aviation and touring services.  Through the network, clients can obtain the private aviation services they seek at the best value.

The GAAN has brought together the best healthcare organizations under one operational umbrella. This includes medical services, helicopter and plane ambulance services and ground ambulance.  The GAAN has a team of on-call doctors as well as a team of qualified health administrators available 24/7.

Where We Are Going

ABI looks forward to continuing to serve its clients with the service and reputation it has built over the last 40 years.  We also charter private international flights and our goal is to reach that worldwide market, offering more flights with the same level of top service, hospitality and quality. You can now rent a private jet with ease following our live prices quoting system.

We Do More

Here’s more about how we work with institutions, manufacturers, dealers, commercial operators, corporate flight departments and private owners and individuals:

As aviation advisors, we consult on tender analysis, engineering audits, appraisals, worldwide sales and marketing.  As aviation experts, we have also provided witnesses and testimony for legal matters.

As a brokerage, we specialize in twin engine executive helicopters and company fixed wing aircraft. ABI has a track record of providing professional, cost-effective and confidential services for every client.

As purchasing agents, we offer complete purchasing services covering the selection, negotiation, acquisition, inspection and delivery of new and used aircraft, spare parts, components and equipment.

Our clients rely on our expertise for turn-key projects such as the establishment of a new airline, the coordination of air events and aerial filming.

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