Discover Greece through aircraft rental!

Travelers discovering Greece want to capture the beauty and splendor of the country’s diverse destinations, beautiful islands, vibrant cities and ancient archeological sites.   A way to explore all that Greece has to offer is via private plane rental. The mild Mediterranean weather is perfect for planning a great flight during your holidays, one you have total control over.

Renting a plane requires you to be a pilot, or someone in your group is a pilot. This is a great option if for a lot of travel options in Greece.

ABI will evaluate your licenses and your flight experience.  Once approved, at least for a limited time, you can own your own Greek airline.  Work with ABI’s team to schedule your preferred departure and arrival times. We can assist you in planning a route that will allow you to see the Greece you want to experience from the air and most importantly, you can do the pre-flight helicopter inspection yourself.

Professional instructors will give you a pre-flight briefing and will furnish you with all the aeronautical information you may require. Our flight operations will monitor your flights.

Renting a plane on your holiday in Greece is the best way to easily avoid all of the complications of commercial flying, from layovers to luggage constraints and schedules.  For many, a holiday in Greece is a special time and a traveling group can avoid the emotional and physical drain related to commercial air travel.  Flying via private plane means less stress and the additional advantage to landing at some of Greece’s smaller airports closer to your destination. In the end, that means more time spent on vacation instead of waiting in airports.

Renting a private jet offers tremendous advantages for those with a license traveling in Greece and looking to see the country on their own timetable and agenda.



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