Special Interest

ABI’s specialists are available at all times of the day to assist in an array of last minute travel and special interest missions. We also have experience working with military bodies and providing aircraft for sea missions.

We work with a variety of organizations including:

Government Agencies

Official visits involving heads of state, government delegations and diplomatic missions require efficiency and privacy. We are proud to have a team of experienced and dedicated staff that understands protocol and professionalism.  That is the basis of a smooth travel experience from beginning to end.

The ABI team is fully aware of the protocol and coordination necessary for official visits.  Our event mission manager is available at any time of the day to ensure every aspect of the journey runs smoothly:

  • ABI organizes every part of the journey for all delegation members.
  • We are experienced in selecting the appropriate aircraft suited to the mission.
  • We brief our highly trained crew members about any special needs.

Emergency and Medical

Emergency and medical services are an immediate, vital need in the private aircraft industry.  In the face of a crisis, we’ve proven to offer reliable, efficient services to meet any urgent, specific travel requirements.   We provide fully coordinated medical transport service, private medical jet and helicopter charters that are equipped for any journey.

  • We arrange transport for the passenger or passengers to and from hospital or location.
  • Our fully-equipped medical charter jet meets the highest safety standards.
  • Our trained medical staff is ready for any journey.
  • We coordinate any needs with insurance companies, customs, immigration services and other authorities in relation to the emergency service or medical mission.

Our discretion is also important. We provide extra security and confidentiality for these special flights.

Numerous organizations have relied on us and continue to rely on our services for country evacuations, humanitarian relief and emergency medical flights.

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