Best Helicopter Services for Aerial Filming in Greece 

Over the years aerial filming has gained popularity in the movie production industry, both in the creation of blockbusters as well as TV series and commercials.  Shooting from an aerial point provides a different approach and angle to the picture, a result which is much different to when shooting close to the ground. Using our helicopter services will give your project a totally different feel. Your production team will be able to access and capture the best views in Greece.


State-of-the-art equipment for aerial filming

Air Business International ABI works with numerous organizations to manage and assist with aerial film and broadcasting production.  We offer services with pilots, helicopters, and special devices such as Wescam system, Helivision and Tyler camera systems.  Should you require any specific or additional equipment we will be happy to accommodate your needs.  

We have earned vast experience coordinating operations, production companies and permit offices to provide the right helicopter, the right price, the right location and the right time. We source specialized equipment and obtain all necessary permits. We have been proudly involved in numerous local and international productions.

Location dependent, we can offer a choice between single engine helicopters or twin engine helicopters. We can also advise on your chosen location as to helicopter type and therefore provide you with the estimated cost.


Qualified Team

Our pilots and staff have the necessary training and experience in aerial filming and will be there to assist you with every step of your project. Whether it is for motion pictures, TV commercials, documentaries, or video clips, they are available to assist you with your filming needs and provide high quality services.

Contact us for further details and to get a quote for your aerial filming needs. No one knows the Greek industry better than the locals.

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