ABI is one of the largest suppliers of chartered aircraft for the annual Hajj pilgrimage.  The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the fifth pillar of Islam. The pilgrimage attracts two million Muslims from around the world to Saudi Arabia. As has happened every year for 14 centuries, Muslim pilgrims gather in Mecca to perform rituals based on those conducted by the Prophet Muhammad during his last visit to the city.

ABI provides Hajj charter flights to Saudi Arabia for the holy pilgrimage. Our staff of Hajj charter specialists can assist you with finding the right Hajj aircraft charter that best suits your needs and preferences.

Over the decades, we have proven to accommodate increasing flight demand yet maintain our high-level of service.  Our Hajj aircraft charter options vary greatly from charter aircraft starting with five passengers to large passenger Hajj aircraft charters that are perfect for larger groups on a single flight or multiple rotations.

ABI’s Hajj aircraft charter flights cater to pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia in several ways.  We have dedicated aircraft that provide Halal catering.  The attendant staff observes pilgrimage requirements, offering a respectful Islamic environment.

Here are some questions our Hajj charter specialists will ask:

In order to provide optimum services, ABI requires the following information:

  • Number of pilgrims to travel.
  • If you represent any of the following:  government, Hajj committee, Hajj travel agency, private entity).
  • Preferred dates of travel.
  • Targeted price per passenger.
  • If the travelling passengers hold a valid Hajj visa with bonds in place.
  • If you hold official mandate issued by your government or Hajj committee.

Our team of dedicated Hajj charter specialists is on standby to assist you with your charter needs. ABI Hajj aircraft charter solutions provide the right mix of comfort, experience and value.

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