Aeromedical Services

When a critically ill or injured person’s life is on the line, ABI can be there to make a difference.  Our trained flight crews are available 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any emergency.

ABI’s aeromedical services division is also known as In-Travel Emergency Management (ITEM). ITEM is based on two services: aeromedical evacuation/repatriation and medical counseling. Both services are available on-demand.

Bed-to-Bed Transport

ABI provides bed-to-bed medical transport service to and from every country in the world. Our trained staff evaluates a detailed preflight medical consultation with the patient’s attending physician prior to the flight. This guarantees optimal preparation.

Experienced Medical Crews

Each mission is staffed with an experienced medical team consisting of a doctor and an intensive care nurse. Both are specially trained in aviation medicine and emergency procedures. If the patient requires more specialized care (e.g. a newborn baby), neonatologists and other specialists are also available.

Medical Counseling 

ABI also offers assistance to international travelers in search of quality local medical care. We get them where they need to be to receive the medical treatment they need. We have decades of experience in all types of in-travel emergency situations to comfort travelers in distress.

Medical Evacuations Worldwide 

We execute medical evacuations and medically escorted repatriations from any country in the world.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Our professional operations center is open 24 hours a day to address every need.

Quotations over the Phone

ABI offers immediate quotations right over the phone so you can receive the price of the service you seek within a few minutes. Our rates are all-inclusive and cover costs such as medical care, technical material as well as landing and overflight fees.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)

ABI provides helicopter services for any emergency with safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

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Air Ambulance: Libyan Medevac Program

Our Malta based Piper Cheyenne III Air Ambulance featuring a full ICU operated under EASA OPS in A3 (Medical Flights) and certified EURAMI is available with a specially trained Italian medical crew and state-of-the-art equipment for any emergency flight.

Med Configuration: 2 stretchers / 2 medcrew

Cargo door with possibility to transport patient overweight. Coffin available, if necessary.

VIP configuration: 7 pax

Medical Equipment

–    Spectrum Aeromed stretcher, 3.800 lit of O2, Inverter, 4 220 W sockets, steady Suction unit, O2 erogation

–    Mortara Rangoni Corpuls-3 Multiparametric Monitor

–    Draeger Oxylog 3000plus Polmunary Ventilator

–    Fresenjus Agilia Infusion Pumps

–    Allied L190-GR Portable Suction Unit

–    Esaote MyLab One Echo Cardiographer

–    Abbott I-Statt Emogas Analyzer

–    ACLS bags and drugs.

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