Your career will start a trainee broker, with an experienced broker assigned as your mentor. During the first year, you will be learning on the job and taking part in our professional training programs. At this time you will learn how to handle the customer inquires, how to make a flight plan and much more about charter flights…

You’ll also learn everything in which planes can carry which amount of passengers, how to build a sales list, and how to administer a charter flight.

Whether it’s private jets, commercial aircraft or cargo.


Charter Broker Role Development

Life as an ABI broker. Questions.

What is the broker test?

We invest in your training to ensure that you have sufficient skills and knowledge to become a resultative and successful broker. At the final stage to pass a Broker test, which will show us that you are ready to move on with a career. If you fail the Broker test, which is a rarity, you are given the opportunity to retake.

What will my working hours be like?

The truth is that this role often requires you to work unsociable hours, especially when you are starting off in your career. However, as you build your customer base and grow your knowledge of the work this does become easier.

Will I communicate with the customers by phone?

You will be trained to manage the incoming and outgoing calls from the clients. It is especially important for building your client base in the early stages of your career.

How will my career develop?

As you can see on a picture ahaed everyone starts as a Trainee Broker and then making his/her way to the Director level. Progression is based on broker performance as well as on the learning skills and hardworking will.

Will I meet the customers I am working with?

We know how effective are face to face meetings. They help to establish long term relationships. Once you are qualified for the selling process, you will also be measured on your sales visits.

What about answering phone calls outside of working hours?

The role of a broker often requires to work on unsufficient hours. And your customers are expecting your support 24/7.  So if you are planning to become a professional charter broker, you must be always available to the clients.

When I will start to make commission?

You will start earning commission once you have successfully completed your Broker Test which takes place at the end of your training period and started working as a broker by building your client list.

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