Charter a cargo aircraft

Cargo – Charter a cargo aircraft

You can’t afford for your cargo to be late – neither can we. Our success depends on delivering what you need, when you need it at any time and to any destination.

We believe in delivering cargo safely and on-time.  All kinds of cargo make its way across the globe every minute of the day. There is cargo carried in the holds of passenger aircraft, freighters delivering cargo, express shipments and chartered flights delivering supplies on special schedules.

Whether you want to deliver one piece of freight or thousands, we’ll move it, efficiently and on-time. We will source the right aircraft for your cargo.

With access to all types of freight aircraft, we offer an inclusive service to importers and exporters including:

Animal transportation
Dangerous goods and hazardous cargo
Spare parts of boats
Ad hoc freight charters or regular flight contracts

We have a strong record of delivering cargo on-time and in a safe and reliable manner.  Contact us to book your cargo charter flights.

At ABI, we recognize the importance of cargo aircraft services. Here are some trends cited from the Global Air Cargo Group (GACG):

  • Air cargo meets many of the economic needs of global logistics. Businesses need their products to be received and shipped more frequently, quickly and reliably over long distances.
  • Air services improve competitiveness in sales, logistics and inventory management, production and customer support.  As a result, aviation promotes innovation, can boost sales and in turn, enhances competition.
  • More firms in the technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals or business services realm demand high speed delivery services to meet their customers’ needs.
  • Specialist freight services are scheduled to depart at specific times of the day.  They are necessary to fit the latest business needs.
  • Air cargo service boosts economic development, helping countries meet supply and demand.  Air freight services connect the needs of various markets in a fast and responsible way when compared to ocean freight services.

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