Dear Sir/ Madam,
I’m writing to you to express my great pleasure flying with Abi .
I’m not a frequent client ,I have to admit ,to book private flights .But , for me and my wife it was an URGENT medical condition that we had to reach our destination in a certain time.
Thank to Abi and their immediate response, after an 1 hour arrangement by phone ,we reassured that we would reach our predicted  arrival time ON TIME!!!
And we did! In less than 4 hours arrangement, we managed to reach Paris from SKG in absolute safety and exact time!
It was a critical matter of health problem, you see transplantation can’t wait, even in such difficult such as COVID-19 situation and ABI and all the staff was there for us offering the opportunity of a COMPLETELY NEW LIFE for our family!!!
Everything was extremely beyond our expectations, staff, service, plane, pilots, even the booked transfer of the taxi on our behalf!!!
It’s great to think that even nowadays, somebody can find solutions that matters life and death. And this is ABI!!!
Thank you for all your great help and support. WE will DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Yours sincerely

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