Mount Athos is also known as Agion Oros which means Holy Mountain. This picturesque mountain is located on peninsula in northern Greece near Thessaloniki.  Although it is land-linked, Mount Athos is accessible only by ferry.  Even more reason to plan something special and take a flight to see this unique, holy destination from the sky.

Today, over 2,000 Eastern Orthodox monks live an ascetic life on the peninsula isolated from the rest of the world.  Daily visitors are restricted and required to gain special permission.  Only males are permitted to set foot on the territory. The Athonite monasteries feature an amazing collection of well-preserved artifacts, rare books, ancient documents, and art of immense value.

On your private flight, you’ll witness the outward sweeping beauty that encircles this cultural site.  Mount Athos features a green, lush and mountainous landscape that surrounds historic holy temples and abbeys.   Mount Athos itself boasts steep, densely forested slopes that reach 2,033 meters or 6,670 feet.  The significance and beauty of Mount Athos has long been admired by writers from ancient to modern times. Now, you can view it in all its natural and holy beauty from above.

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