Charter Brokers

An aircraft broker makes a difference whether you are buying your first aircraft or your fourth.  An aircraft broker understands the international marketplace and every complex detail involved in buying an aircraft.  These days more than ninety percent of all transactions involve a broker on both sides.  That’s because a broker’s knowledge is critical. The duties of an aircraft broker are similar to how a real estate broker handles a land transaction.  There’s research, expertise, contracts and much more that are strategic to match the buyer and seller.

It has never been more important for a buyer or a seller to work with an aircraft broker. The market is changing fast and brokers are in the business of being up-to-date on the latest news. With that know-how, they can take advantage of an opportunity as well as avoid downward trends.  Brokers are very much like consultants. They manage the complex rules and regulations and the team of professionals that are involved in a deal from CFOs, tax attorneys to other brokers and consultants who have different agendas.

What happens if a broker isn’t involved? Sellers will not get as much as they should for an aircraft and buyers will pay too much.

Why else should you hire a broker?  Consider this:


Brokers Know the True Value of an Aircraft

How much an aircraft is worth seems like a basic thing, but it’s not always the easiest information to find.  Only aircraft brokers can truly understand the real worth of a plane in a marketplace. These days a lot of research can be done online.  However, there is just as much information that can’t be found on the Internet including maintenance cycles, wear and tear, loan situations and other factors that affect value.

Sales and Purchasing Strategies

When it comes to the selling an aircraft, aircraft brokers have the experience to maximize an aircraft’s resale value.  Brokers are also in tune with a growing number of transactions that are off-market including aircraft that have not been publicized.
Brokers play another key role as the purchasing agent for those buying new aircraft from the aircraft manufacturers.  There are many details that need to be considered including what items can be modified in a sales contract. They can spec out the configuration and oversee the completion of the aircrafts interior.
Brokers can also analyze buying patterns and strategies to choose an aircraft that best suits a client’s needs.

International Market Expertise

In the past if a plane was in France the owner was French. Today a plane could be German, registered in France, broker in Switzerland and seller in Spain. Today’s deals are so multifaceted. Aircraft brokers are prepared to handle the diverse markets, international regulations, laws and contracts to secure the best deal possible.

An Aircraft Managed as an Asset

Maximizing an aircraft’s value during years of ownership is a very important goal for an aircraft owner. Brokers have the skills and expertise necessary to do that while managing an aircraft according to an individual’s needs. Brokers are in charge of various details including compiling a current market report, transaction report of all relevant sales, buying trends, projections and various reports.
Brokers also provide services beyond selling, managing and asset management.  Many aircraft owners turn to brokers for charter and transaction brokerage or to manage interior completion.   Brokers also advise on equipment installations and upgrades to help increase the future resale of the aircraft.

Finding the Right Aircraft Broker

As a trusted aircraft broker, ABI provides a suite of aviation service to meet every client’s needs.  We are experienced working with first time buyers on an acquisition and assisting clients as educators and consultants on virtually every aspect of their aircraft management plan.  We’ve built a worldwide network of contacts and databases to find a match that meets all of your requirements.  We then present you with a shortlist of aircraft for you to consider.
We have a skilled and dedicated staff that is knowledgeable in all issues of operation as well as piloting and management choices.   We manage aircraft to your specifications including the market research, negotiating, and contracting. This means you can concentrate on your business.
Our fee or commission terms are agreed upon in advance.   No payments are due until the purchase or sale is completed to your satisfaction.
For thirty years, we’ve provided our clients with the services they seek backed by industry knowledge, expertise and professionalism.  As brokers, we aim to create and maintain mutually beneficial long-term client relationships.

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