A word on charter brokers

Charter brokers are exactly what the name implies: sales people who have access to multiple charter operators. When you call, they seek an operator with the right plane in the right place for your needs.

 If you choose to broker, choose wisely. In many cases, a broker’s profession isn’t aviation; it’s sales. Tales abound of dishonorable brokers who prey on uneducated buyers. They may have little or no aviation experience. They may not know the condition of the aircraft they’re proffering, or the operator’s maintenance/safety record and procedures, or the training level of the pilots. They may also be hard to reach in the event that you have an in-flight problem or request.

To ensure that you’re working with a reputable broker, confirm their aviation experience. Qualified brokers are experienced aviation professionals linked to a reliable charter operator, complete with appropriate EASA or Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) certifications.


The most trustworthy brokers will also:

-Adhere to operator standards and pre-certify charter operators based on maintenance, safety, pilot training and type of aircraft

-Review flight manifests for Fixed Base Operations (FBOs), mileage en route, anticipated departure and arrival times, and plans for overnight arrangements for aircraft and crew

-Survey most aspects of your trip, obtaining copies of FAA flight certificates and literature about the aircraft

-Plan and coordinate trip logistics upon your request

-Help you with insurance and miscellaneous flight-related issues

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