Flying Private for the First Time

If you are flying a private jet for the first time for business or pleasure – it will be a great experience. Flying private isn’t anything like flying commercial. You’ll eat exactly what you want and service is personalized and professional. You come and go on your schedule.

For a better experience for you and for everyone on board, here are some tips to consider before you travel on a private jet for the first time.

Pack Your Passport – Always pack your passport. Ensure that you have any visas necessary. Avoid fines or even jail because you didn’t pack the right documents.

Travel With Pets – Be sure to enquire about pet documentation and immunizations. It varies from country to country.  Penalties in some places may be costly, quarantine or even death of the animal.

Where To Sit – There may be an unofficial seating arrangement including where the boss likes to sit when it comes to flying with certain groups or for business.  Keep it in mind.

Luggage Tips – Unlike commercial there are no overhead bins.  A small carry-on for your essentials will go in the back. The great thing about flying private is you won’t have any baggage claim issues or delays.

Charter Comfort – On a charter flight you’ll have your share of pillows, blankets, snacks, and other amenities.  You won’t need to think about packing those things in your hand luggage as you would with a commercial flight.

Dining – The options are endless. You can order an onboard chef.  You can order from your favorite restaurant in any city you visit.  Arrange it all beforehand.  Keep in mind that a properly trained corporate flight attendant can re-create the food presentation expected in a five-star restaurant. If you flight is quick, caterers are the best option and your flight operators can arrange that for you.

Forbidden On Board – Be aware that some destinations prohibit weapons, certain animals, fish caught on a boat or alcohol.

Flying private is an experience anyone can get used to!

What do you think of our flying “private” tips?  Are there any you would add?


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