Is my flight legal? A question you must always ask!

With thousands of flights taking place every day, one of the most important issues that are raised are those that have to do with safety and security. Is my flight legal? A question you must alway ask! Why? Because there are serious safety and legal implications involved if the operator of your charter flight is not entitled to conduct commercial operations.

Air Business International fully supports European Business Aviation Association in its efforts to implement and monitor regulations that have to do with the safety of the passengers and the integrity of business aviation activity in a country and in Europe. When it comes to the Greek market we believe that the passengers who use the air services of our country must feel 100% secure that the companies that operate in our market comply with the regulations set by EBAA.

How do you know if the company that you are flying with is compliant?

It is simple just ask for their AOC. All air charter flights in Europe are flown under the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). All legal flights and operators must be holders of this certificate.
AOC guarantees the safe operation of an aircraft. If you wish to verify the details further, you may do so by contacting the State Civil Aviation Authority.

Traffic Rights Requirements

In addition to the AOC certificate you may also ask the charter operator to provide you wth the traffic right requirements. In every country the state grants the permission to fly into, within and from their territory. Operators who are registered outside the EU must follow a procedure to apply for the permission to operate in each relevant state. Those who fail to do so are non-compliant.

What happens if the operator can’t provide you with their AOC?

If an operator fails to provide you with their AOC, in most cases this likely means that the flight you are taking is non-compliant. What this means is that in case an incident or accident occurs, your insurance or life-insurance coverage will be non- existent.

It is always to be better safe than sorry. Help us to prevent air-operation fraud. Should you at any point suspect that the flight you are about to take is non-compliant, contact EBAA .


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