Discover Antiparos !

Antiparos is a small holiday paradise located next to Paros

Island in the Cyclades Islands. The calm cycladic landscape, with the scattered churches, the famous cave and the Enetic castle, is ideal for sightseeing. The variety of the coast, where golden sand beaches give way to small remote bays with blue-green waters, offers magical moments.

This secluded and untrodden island, endued with sheer natural beauty, crystal clear water and verdurous landscapes full of cedar trees will captivate your sight and your soul.

With a wide variety of helicopters, based at Santorini,


Mykonos, Crete and, of course, our base, Athens, being at your disposal, you can now easily visit Antiparos and also explore its neighboring stunning islands.

For some indicative prices, please have a look below:

Price List out of/to Antiparos
From To R44 B407 A109 B430
Antiparos Athens 1.950,00 € 2.650,00 € 2.800,00 € 3.540,00 €
Antiparos Santorini 1.420,00 €
Antiparos Mykonos 1.050,00 € 1.100,00 €
12.07.12 rev.2
Prices do not include pax taxes (12€/pax)

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