We provide the supervised delivery of sensitive, valuable or time-critical consignments in a quick, secure and traceable manner. Whether it’s the hand-delivery of sensitive documents or vital automotive parts, our dedicated onboard courier service is the most efficient and reliable means of transportation, offering:

Rapid Response: We can quickly source a local courier with the necessary visa, ensuring the fast delivery of all consignments on a global scale.

Trackable Delivery: We’ll regularly update you on the progress of your consignment via your preferred method of contact.

Secure Transportation: Consignments are fully supervised and trackable throughout the journey for added peace of mind.


Expert Knowledge: With over 25 years’ experience, our highly trained aviation experts will tailor-make the best solution for any type of consignment.

Global Network of Couriers: We have onboard couriers are strategically placed around the globe, ensuring we can dispatch your consignment on its way as quickly as possible.

Door-to-Door Solution: With access to a wide range of air and ground transportation, your consignment will be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

International Support: With 20 offices around the world, we offer local knowledge on a global scale.

Competitive Pricing: Our global network and superior buying power allow us to offer the most cost-effective solutions, regardless of your shipment’s location.


  • Knowledge and expertise: More than 25 years’ experience in the aviation industry and the support of highly trained, aviation experts ensures the best solution for any type of consignment.
  • A worldwide network of couriers: With our onboard couriers strategically placed around the globe, we can get your consignment on its way as quickly as possible, ensuring a swift delivery every time.
  • Door-to-door solutions: Access to a wide range of air and ground transportation ensures that consignments make it to their intended destination as efficiently as possible


  • An office network: International support and local knowledge is provided by our 20 offices around the world.
  • Personal account manager: A dedicated account manager is available 24/7 to assist with any requirements, from amending the weight of the shipment to making last minute changes to the route.
  • Competitive pricing: Our global netwrok and buying power allows us to offer competitive pricing on a variety of solutions, regardless of the shipment’s locaction.

Our network of onboard couriers hold visas from all over the world that allow them to fly to anywhere at a moment’s notice, ensuring that even the tightest delivery deadlines are met according to requirements.

The experience of our couriers is showcased by their High-Flyer status; 80% of our couriers hold industry-recognised Gold or Platinum status. This reflects the amount of tasks they have successfully completed. For a greater level of efficiency, all our onboard couriers qualify for increased excess baggage, priority unloading, later check-in and seat reservations.

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