Massive Medical Evacuation Program in Libya

Massive Medical Evacuation Program in Libya

Air Business International was involved in the massive medical evacuation program in Libya from the very first days. Under NATO’s approval, the evacuation program commenced in Benghazi followed by Tripoli and Misrata. ABI played an instrumental role in coordinating medical flights out of Libya with the Libyan wounded evacuation team (WLET) transferring patients with ICU equipped air ambulance to Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Central Europe and even as far as Kuala Lumpur and Brazil. Maintaining a temporary base in Tunis helped the professional and smooth operation of the project and to this day we retain a base in Malta.

Given the fact that very few operators fly to Libya these days, we continue to support this medical evacuation program with quick reaction time and professionalism, always taking into consideration the humanitarian aspect of such projects.  Our fleet consists of Lear-35, Citation II and Citation Bravo which are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, supported by medical teams which are available on call 24/7.

These medical evacuation programs from Libya involved close coordination with Embassies, local authorities and military provided transport airplanes. Greece alone offered medical assistance to 8,000 wounded Libyans. Below are a chronological list and a short summary of some of the projects that took place.


New Air Ambulance to support the Libyan Medevac Program

January 2013

Piper Cheyenne III – Air Ambulance Configuration based aircraft in Malta, a full ICU operated under EASA OPS in A3 (Medical Flights) and certified EURAMI, was available and positioned in Malta from 1st  February  2013 with an Italian medical crew and the best Medical Equipment available on board for flights worldwide.

Medical Configuration: 2 Stretchers / 2 Medical crew

Cargo door with the possibility to transport the overweight patient and also a coffin if necessary.

VIP configuration: 7 pax




  • Spectrum Aeromed stretcher, 3.800 lit of O2, Inverter, 4 220 W sockets, steady Suction unit, O2 arrogation.
  • Mortara Rangoni Corpuls-3 Multiparametric Monitor.
  • Draeger Oxylog 3000plus Polmunary Ventilator.
  • Fresenjus Agilia Infusion Pumps.
  • Allied L190-GR Portable Suction Unit.
  • Esaote MyLab One Echo Cardiographer.
  • Abbott I-Statt Emogas Analyzer.
  • ACLS bags and drugs.


Libyans under hospital care in Greece

January 2012 

Greece on Tuesday said it would continue to offer medical assistance to Libyans wounded in the eight-month insurrection that toppled the regime of Moamer Kadhafi in October.

“Libyan citizens wounded or mistreated during the conflict will continue to benefit from entry facilitation and care in our country,” the ministries of foreign affairs and police said in a joint statement.

“Greece will maintain and increase the support offered to Libya and its people,” the ministries said.

Over 2,000 Libyans have been treated in Greek hospitals since the start of the conflict in February and hundreds are still receiving care, a ministry source said.

The ministries said future requests for medical airlift to Greece should be channeled through the Libyan wounded evacuation team (WLET) and the Temporary financing mechanism (TFM), the relevant authorities authorized by Libya’s National Transitional Council.

All applicants should also hold consular approval papers, they added.

The Libyan embassy in Athens will also be asked to keep track of Libyan nationals during their stay and advise Greek authorities when they return home, the ministries said.


ABI’s participation in a Massive Medical Evacuation Program in Libya

November 2011

Air Business International participated in a massive medical evacuation program in Libya operated by the Libyan wounded evacuation team (WLET). Together with selected operational partners, we provided airplanes and coordination services for medical flights out of Libya.


Flights out of Libya

July 2011

Air Business International operated a successful project for medical flights in and out of Libya.

Mainly for humanitarian purposes and for the medical evacuation program in Libya, NATO’s approval was usually obtained within 48 hours.  A war risk insurance premium applied.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the flight crew, medical teams, operations staff and of course to our customers who participated in this massive evacuation program.

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