Flying to one of London’s Airports

One of the main questions our clients come to ask – Is which airport is better to use at London. At Air Business International, for our costumers we came up with a list of airports that are near to London which include the advantages and disadvantages.

Luton Airport it’s the busiest airport in UK, as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Making it a more attractive option for private jet users. Lastly, its only 25 minute away from London by train or 1 hour with a car.

Biggin Hill Airport has proved to be the lowest cost airport at London, with landing fees starting from £ 150. M25 motorway is accessible easily from there and the airport is only 12 miles away from Central London.  Having an Award winning VIP handling and flexible airport slots makes it a preferable option.

London City Airport is preferred by clients who enjoy a speedy departure as the airport offers one of the fastest services at that section and also has one of the highest VIP costumer service. Also, it is the closest airport to Central London. All this included will surely come with an extra cost, making it more expensive than Luton Airport or Biggin Hill Airport.

London RAF Northolt Airport was mainly used by the military but this usage has been reduced resulting at having more flights slots available for civilian flights. The airport is located just 13 miles away from Central London. Their exceptional service and privacy makes it one of most secure airports in London, making it a preferable option for government and VIP flights.

Farnborough Airport it’s the most stunning airport at the UK in which the terminal was designed by the top architect in the UK Baron Norman Foster. Making it automatically the most expensive airport at London. Finding an available slot was issue at the past, however nowadays the airport offers an increase at the available slot each year until 2019. The only limitations would be that the airport unfortunately closes at night and due to the excessive aircraft noise has a restricted usage during the weekends in order to protect their local residents.

Blackbushe Airport is ideal for small jets as it is small itself. It is located at the border of Hampshire and Surrey. It is considered to provide a very fast and low cost operation for private jets. At the past it was an important RAF base and was a VIP entry for London.

Heathrow Airport it is considered to be one the busiest airports in London – but mostly busy for commercial use and not for private jet users. For private jet users it not recommended as priority of landing is given to commercial flights and delays are expected at air and ground. This airport is recommended only at the case the client have a connection flight with a commercial airplane.

Lydd LYX Airport is a suitable small airport for travelling to South East of London. It is available for landing for 08:30 to 19:00, extensions of these times may be granted upon request.

Oxford Airport is preferable as an alternative choice if visiting West London, as it is popular for the business aviation market. Air access has improved through the years that are a result of having a dedicated terminal to private jet flights.

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