What is the amount of luggage that I can take with me in a private jet?

Few things impact the amount of luggage that can be carried on a private jet flight: the size of your luggage, the number and weight of the passenger, and the aircraft type.
Our team can offer you a wide number of different aircraft from small light jets through to huge long-range jets with extended luggage capacity.

The luggage capacity for a private jet aircraft is given as a volume of cubic feet and as a general rule. In general one suitcase and one carry-on item per person.
However many aircraft can carry more luggage than one per passenger because often the aircraft is not full. For example, if there are two passengers for a small 4 seat jet you will be able to carry 2 sets of golf club extra.

Our agents will advise you of the luggage allowance of each aircraft.

In any case below you can find some detailed info

Turboprop aircraft

Although Turboprop aircraft are often ignored by many private jet charters the truth is that they have more space, for the luggage also, and they a

re cost-effective.
The Beechcraft King Air 360 or 350 model, in general, has accommodation for 8 people when used for passenger flights with a 55 cubic feet of luggage compartment they can carry up to 10 suitcases. The sports equipment such as ski sets or golf bags can be accommodated in two large luggage lockers behind the engines.

The Pilatus PC-12 is another known turboprop aircraft with a generous luggage capacity
As there is a rear cargo door it is very suitable for those who travel with bikes or oversized suitcases. The main purpose of this aircraft is to perform humanitarian missions and cargo flight.

Light and midsized jets

The Phenom 100 has an external luggage compartment of 53 cubic feet and can carry a couple of suitcases and even ski bags. Besides, the Citation CJ2 or CJ3 and the larger Phenom 300 have more luggage space in the nose area.
It’s also worth remembering that small jet luggage holds can be unusually-shaped as they are squeezed into the edges of the airframe, so softer bags are often easier to load than hardshell cases.


The Citation XLS/XLS+ with its huge 90 cubic feet luggage compartment is perfect for a family with a couple of bags each.

The Hawker 800 has fewer cubic feet than The Citation XLS/XLS+ but the hold space is not external. It is accessible from the inside.

Midsize & long range

The Citation Sovereign was designed for 8 passengers (usually). Can fit up to 135 cubic feet. It is mostly chosen by the groups with a lot of suitcases.

Praetor and Embraer’s Legacy is also known for its extended luggage space.

The Gulfstream’s G650 and Bombardier’s Global Express are very well designed to offer a lot of storage places accessible from the cabin that is very comfortable in long-range flight.

VIP airliners

The converted VIP aircraft, such as the ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet), BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) and Embraer Lineage 1000 are on the top of the private jet market.
They can carry up to 80 pieces of suitcases and are also known for their airy multizone spaces.

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