The Smart Banner: Finding Your Private Charter in Greece

We’ve made flying via private jet simple.

Do you want to know what charter flights are available in Greece and at what price?  The Smart Banner has your answer.  Type in your data and you can find an online indicative price and availability status for one of 7,000 flights from private jets and aircraft based in Greece.

The experience is much like booking a commercial flight online. The Smart Banner can be found on the first page of our charter section as well as the home pages on ABI and GATN.  Simply click the departure location, then arrival location.  Choose the date and number of passengers.

ABI is also behind the Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) which is a network of available private jets and helicopters ready to serve clients and fly them with high quality service at a cost-effective price.  Aircraft in the GATN network range from small, single-engine piston airplanes to private jets, helicopters and turboprop airliners.

The Next Steps: Booking Your Private Charter in Greece

After you have filled in your details, you will receive an indicative price for all the airplanes and helicopters available for the route chosen.  Also, if you click on the appropriate icon you can have the technical specs and photos and the panoramic view of the aircraft you are interested in flying.  In many cases you can also be informed of the availability status.

You can also request an accurate quote in order to proceed with your booking. We believe in top quality customer service.  That is why both ABI and GATN feature a help desk option and a live chat option.  Our experienced travel advisors are available 24/7 to assist you.

Charter Flights Available in Greece and Beyond

It’s summer in Greece. One way to conveniently get to all of those picturesque islands is via private jet charter in Greece.   With a well-connected network of available private charter aircraft, ABI and the GATN are Greece-based aircraft operators that offer the most competitive rates in the Greek and Mediterranean market.  Also, keep in mind that ABI and GATN list all empty legs available throughout Greece and the Greek islands on its homepage.


If you are traveling in Greece there are so many places to “hop” to via private jet or helicopter that will be worth your time, money and will pay you back with incredible holiday experiences. For example, you can easily island hop across the Cycladic or Ionian islands.

Private air travel is also very convenient for those that want to see an island for a day and don’t want to waste any time traveling by other means. Ferries can take hours. Waiting for flights, especially when there may be only one a day to your island of choice, can be extremely time consuming considering the total commute, including airport transfers.  A private flight means no service or baggage lines, excellent service and drop-off and pick-up in the most convenient spots to see the destination of your choice right away. Your vacation time is precious — plan it right.

You can even go international. If you are planning to jet-set to Mykonos and want to take off to other glamorous island destinations like Ibiza or San Tropez, reliable services like the GATN and ABI are experienced in making it all happen.


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