Plans for summer trips coming back gradually

Most travelers already began to make plans for summer travel, restrictions are expected to become less strict in the nearest months as vaccines has been rolled out in many countries.

Air Business International we are always in safety precaution mode, providing you flights services with your safety and health as our priority.

Social distancing is certain when flying with ABI, our research estimated amount of touch points reduced from hundreds to 25. Crowded terminals will be avoided.

After a long wait and pause, vaccinated clients and clients preparing to be vaccinated are already reaching us about there flight requests. Plans to visit family, to visit new places and culture are now coming back on track.

There as been a significant increase in private aviation as we noticed in previous July when the restrictions were lifted. We expect more as we approach months of warmer temperature, that is why we at Air Business International have taken all the free time to get ready to offer our existing and new clients the best service.

Popular destinations for summer travel by private jet

While private jet travel can connect a huge number of destinations (we flew to or from 326 different airports last year), some are particularly popular in the summer peak in Europe.

Based on previous summers flights and customer relation analysis, destinations we expect to be on top list the year are listed below

  1. Valencia(Valencia Airport)
  2. The Greek Islands(including Corfu & Naxos Airports)
  3. Libson(Portela Airport)
  4. Nice(Côte d’Azur Airport)
  5. Stockholm(Arlanda Airport)
  6. Monaco(Monaco Heliport)
  7. Sicily(Catania Airport)
  8. Sardinia(Alghero Airports)
  9. Montenegro(Tivat Airport)
  10. Paphos(Paphos International Airport)


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