Greek Getaway Destination: Folegandros 

Folegandros is a beautiful Cycladic island, sitting in the shadow of neighboring Santorini.  However, the “Sister of Santorini” is building a name for itself as an authentic Greek getaway destination with few distractions, inspiring scenery and distinctive character. The alluring beauty of the island and the majestic Aegean Sea views inspires the wanderlust at heart. No wonder Folegandros has been included in CNN Travel’s list of 7 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe!

Seeking Secluded Destinations 

For those who appreciate “the wild side,” Folegandros offers an authentic Greek experience. This small island of 32 km2 and only 650 inhabitants is simple and relaxing.  Folegandros consists of three small villages, Karavostasi (the port), the Chora, Ano Meria and Agali Beach which are connected by paved roads. In the area of Kastro, which is a small fortress that was constructed by the Venetians in 1210, visitors will find themselves taken back to the Middle Ages.

This mountainous island has a number of peaks, the highest reaches 455 meters. Folegandros is a heaven for those who love hiking and enjoy discovering the natural beauty of the island. The Church of Panagia is the most important on the island, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary that stands above Chora on a rocky landscape. One impressive sight indeed!

Church of Panagia Folegandros

Beach Life 

The island features picturesque beaches which are suitable for every taste. A few of them are located in Karavostasi, which is the quiet port of the island. Hochlidia a sandy, pebbled beach with emerald waters, is family friendly and one of the most famous on the island. It is lined with coastal hotels, taverns and bars and has a lively atmosphere throughout the day. Heading towards Livadi from Karavostasi there are three pristine beaches that lay hidden in the natural coves, Latinaki the first beach with gold sand and scenic surroundings, followed by Vincenzo ideal for lovers of privacy and Pountaki that combines the beauty of the previous two. For those seeking to relax and enjoy some water fun activities can head to the long sandy beach of Livadi, which is ideal for sunbathing, beach fun and water sports. Last but not least Katergo, has the reputation of being the best beach on the island, a combination of pebbles, sand and crystal clear waters, located in an unspoiled natural environment. This beach can only be reached by a caique on one of the daily trips from Karavostasi. Make sure to pack everything that you need as there is no canteen or beach bar on this beach.

Folegandros beaches

Luxury Stays

Now that you are convinced that you must visit Folegandros, let’s give you a few more reasons to holiday in style. We have selected a few of the finest properties on the island.

Anemi Hotel 

A member of the Design Hotels, this aesthetically inspiring property has been completed using traditional Aegean decoration carefully combined with discreet luxury. Located in Karavostasi, the hotel consists of 12 separate two-storey buildings housing from double rooms, to junior suites and family accommodations. All rooms enjoy sea view, situated among beautiful gardens that blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment. The hotel offers all the modern facilities to meet the demands of the most discerning travelers.


Blue Sand Hotel 

Located in Agali Bay, just three kilometers from all the greatest sightseeing spots, this whitewashed property has been created with lots of love and dedication. Featuring rooms and brand new suites that open up to mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea, will guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience.

Blue Hotel Folegandros

Getting There 

The best way to get to this secluded destination? Helicopter. Yes, you heard it right! To travel in comfort and style, reserve the brand new VVIP EC-155 with its luxury interiors for an unforgettable holiday experience from pick-up to landing.

See you in Folegandros, one of ABI’s favorite Greek getaway destinations!


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