Switzerland airport

Switzerland borders with members of the European Union (EU) and it isn’t a member itself. Though it is a member of the Schengen states which makes it possible for travelers to cross its borders without passport checks. If travelling between Schengen states only security checks are needed before takeoff. Though, identity documents and a Schengen Visa might be required

The capital city of Switzerland, Bern is in the heart of the country. This allows quick access to business locations in Vavey, Fribourg, Neuchatel. Also, the ski resorts in Grindelwald and Gstaad are less than 80 mins from the center.

switzerland airport
Below are the Amenities of Bern airport that serves Bern city

  • 1730 m runway
  • ILS CAT 1 and ICAO certified, Fire category 4-6
  • Limousine and helicopter transfer
  • Customs and border guards
  • Catering services, ground handling FBO and Rest area

Geneva and Zurich Airports

Statistics shows that Switzerland holds third position in ranking of largest number of business aviation flights in Europe. Only France, Germany and UK are ahead.
These two airports (Geneva and Zurich) are among the most busy airports in Europe. Geneva to Nice, Geneva to Paris, Geneva to Zurich are among the popular business jet route in Europe. 

Development for smaller Airports

Schedule at Geneva and Zurich airport has always been tight. As a result, there’s been increase in traffic at smaller airports such as Sion airport because of the tight . Many business flights these days just en route to smaller airports in Switzerland. Doing that, they escape the stress they would have to go through at bigger airport.
Helicopter or limousines are made available for passengers. Just after their flight, to continue to their destination either Crans-Montana, Zermatt or Verbier.

Sion Airport
The real busy period is from December to end of March. It can be tough to get a slot at Geneva or Zurich Airport. A very good option for travelers is Sion airport which is two-hour drive from Geneva. Meanwhile, Sion is also a town with loads of attraction centers that visitor can check out.

Switzerland airport

At Sion airport, it takes only 10 minutes to go from the airport entrance to the airplane
There are no slot
Required FBO facilities are available
The airport has its own border guards and customs.

In the nearest future, business aviation in Switzerland will attain higher heights. Smaller airports will be put into more use and the government already began to invest more into it.

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