Cool Aircraft Exterior Designs: Art and Vision  

The current trends of today’s aircraft exterior designs have long shifted from the classic styles. Nowadays, aircrafts and private jets are making fashion statements of their own. Today’s most talked about exteriors offer something a little less ordinary, where art merges with functionality.

Exterior Innovation 

Aircraft exterior designs have taken on a new level as companies and private jet owners invest in their external appearance, emphasizing on colors and logos that highlight the company’s identity. As these planes take the skies, their exterior graphics serve as visual ambassadors to their owners. We all know that there is no second chance to make a first impression; this is why those who want to be remembered take their aircraft exteriors seriously. Here is our selection of aircraft exteriors that we find simply inspiring:

Teteva Masi by Fiji Airways 

In 2012 the airline reintroduced the name Fiji Airlines to reinforce its role as a proud national airline of Fiji. For this occasion in 2013 the airline completed a full rebranding featuring the distinctive Teteva Masi, designed by renowned Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matemosi. The Rova symbol, on the aircraft engine, symbolizes the warm greeting Fijians extend to visitors, while the Makare symbol, which appears in the prominent position and scale on the front and underside of the plane, communicates the new ‘Fiji Airways’ name by evoking the allure of clear water flowing on a white sandy beach.  Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO Stefan Pichler said, “We knew the exterior design needed to be just as distinctive, unique, and true to Fiji. Our mission was to create a proud symbol that would stand out at some of the world’s busiest international airports, a symbol that would allow us to become the very best ‘Flying Ambassador’ that Fiji could ever have.”


The Butterfly by GATN

This summer’s new addition the Let L-410 Turboprop operated by Heliair completed its first flight for the Greek Air Taxi Network early in July. Colorfully painted with bright pastel butterflies on its body, the Butterfly is opening new options for family and group travel in Greece. What’s so special about this butterfly? According to Doulis Carafil, CEO of the Greek Air Taxi Network, “The Butterfly is a safe, passenger private plane that is spacious and just a joy to look at with its colorful exterior and bright seats to match! That makes the private jet experience a memorable experience for the kids and parents that fly with the Greek Air Taxi Network.”


Ohana by Hawaiian 

Hawaiian Airlines newest addition is a modern 48-passenger turboprop. The modern ATR 42 aircraft was created by renowned Hilo-based artist Sig Zane and his son Kuhao. Three kapa patterns were weaved together as one design: piko, representing ancestry and progeny; manu, representing both a bird in flight and the prow of a canoe, the traditional form of migration; and kalo, representing family and heritage. The name Ohana is a Hawaiian word for family, and the company’s vision is to connect all island communities through flight.


Looking at the three examples it is obvious that art and vision come hand in hand to bring new and exciting ambassadors in the sky. There are only so many limits to creativity. As they say, the sky is the limit. Do you have a favorite aircraft exterior design?


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