The Brexit Influence on a Private Jet Aviation in 2021

1st of January 2021 the United Kingdom officially left from EU. How does it impact Private Aviation flights?

In general, there aren’t significant changes for Private flights chartering. Some additional requirements for the aircraft’s registered country. A couple of changes for special flights, as traveling with pets from and to the UK.

Below you can find info about the new rules that may impact your traveling.

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Extra permissions and more paperwork is definitely the biggest impact of the Brexit. Non-UK operators that are willing to fly-in or over the United Kingdom will need a permit. The same procedure applies to UK operators for flying to Europe. Most Private Jet Charter operators are prepared for this, so no extra paperwork is needed.

Commercial aviation is impacted by the restrictions on international operating rights, but this does not have any influence on The Private Jet chartering companies. But there is one area of the subject that needs more attention. Is the rights to operate commercial flights on a domestic route within the borders of another country — cabotage rights.

The UK operators must have an active agreement to be able to perform internal flights in other EU countries. For example the flight from Milan to Napoli.

And vise versa for European operators to perform internal flights in the United Kingdom such as London to Glasgow.

Some changes will apply for Private flights with pets in 2021.

There are no changes for the Private inbound flights with pets to Great Britain. But Brexit brings changes to those who fly with pets from the UK to the European counties. The old pet passports issued in Great Britain are not valid anymore for the EU.

The AHC (Animal Health Certificate) is required for pets from the 1st January of 2021 for Private Jet travelers to fly from the UK to Europe or Northern Ireland. The certificate is valid for 4 months and should be issued not more than 10 days before the flight. A valid AHC is also needed to re-enter the GB with your pet.

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