Airport vs Heliport

It is a common knowledge in the iundustry that Airports don’t like helicopters and helicopters dont like airports.. Unless the helicopter has to opertae from an ... Read More

De-Icing: What to Expect

When travelling around the world during winter season, snow is to be expected is some countries.  Although snow transforms an ordinary landscape into a spectacular scenery, ... Read More

NATO phonetic alphabet

NATO phonetic alphabets are used in different areas of specialty aside aviation, don’t be surprised when you hear a doctor dictating “Alfa Charlie” or “Tango”. Though, ... Read More

Порядок согласования «аварийных рейсов» в связи с кризисом коронавируса

В связи с глобальным кризисом, вызванным пандемией коронавируса, процедура утверждения аварийных рейсов в / из греческих аэропортов (репатриация, больница / скорая помощь, отдых экипажа, дозаправка / ... Read More

Однодневные перелеты Миконос — Санторини — Миконос и Санторини — Миконос — Санторини продажа свободных мест.

Воспользуйтесь нашей программой свободных мест и посетите Миконос и Санторини за небольшую стоимость чартера вертолета. Разделите стоимость полета с другими пассажирами рейсов, вылетающих каждый день в ... Read More

Santa is coming!

Since we’re all about #flying, track #santa and see where he’s next stop is https://www.noradsanta.org Merry Christmas to all! ... Read More

Greek Air Taxi Network приветствует 12-местный вертолет от «PHI Helicopters»и «GainJet»

Greek Air Taxi Network приветствует первый 12-местный вертолет в Греции, принадлежащий компании «PHI Helicopters». Реклама и сервис осуществляется и поддерживается компанией «GainJet», греческим оператором с самым ... Read More

Электрическое воздушное такси Vahana от Airbus A³ оснащено беспилотной кабиной с экраном

Аэробус А3 показал, как может выглядеть в будущеем интерьер кабины пилота беспилотного аэроэлектротакси, впервые продемонстрировав внутренний вид *Альфа Два* на демонстрационной версии Vahana. Внутри кабины Vahana ... Read More

Match ready !

Discover Russia and FIFA World Cup 2018 with Air Business International. According to your needs, we can help you to organize a perfect trip no matter ... Read More

Happy New Year !

We, Air Business International enjoyed serving our loyal clients and working with our providers. As the year comes to an end we want to wish you ... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Air Business International wishes all of our customers and friends, near and far a Happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels to wherever you will be celebrating. During these ... Read More

Hiring an Aircraft Broker

Thinking of buying an aircraft? Whether it is your first or fifth purchase having a professional aircraft broker at your side matters. First and foremost, a ... Read More


ABI is a charter broker company and we prove that everyday 24/7. As a token of our appreciation for your trust and continues support we established ... Read More

Travel in style with a Learjet 35

[row] [col span=»1/1″] Style-Rules is the first international website that promotes Greek designers abroad in cooperation with Air Business International created a new lifestyle concept: «Travel ... Read More

The legendary Lear 35

Changes the rules of private jet charter in Greece. The first of the two Lear 35 operated by Epsilon Aviation joined the Greek Air Taxi Network ... Read More

Executive Flight Training

Now is the time, your dream to obtain a license to fly a private airplane or helicopter, to come true. Book now your first flight lesson. ... Read More

Winter operations

Our operationa partner  Heli Air based in Bansko provide an A109K2 fully equiped for medical and rescue operations. For the Apline Skiing World Cup in Bansko ... Read More

XL Air Taxi

A friend from the past will be seen in the Greek Skies this summer. The LET-41 versatile workhorse has been proven ideal for island hoping and ... Read More

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