Private Jet Chartering during the lockdown

As several European countries are already announced or getting closer to the 2nd lockdown, the various travel restrictions are again in the air. In these difficult for private aviation times, the ABI Team continues to provide Private Jet chartering for all types of trips that are not under restrictions.

As a result of these new and upcoming travel restrictions, many commercial airline companies are reducing the already low number of scheduled flights. So the Private Jet Chartering is becoming the preferred way of travel for those who cannot or do not wish to use commercial airline flights.

Most countries and airports are still open for essential travel, repatriation flights, medical, or exceptional reasons.

A lot of our clients are using this time to plan their New Year and Christmas trips, or winter holidays. Some people are planning to visit “summer” countries, where the weather is warm and sunny, some people instead will spend the holidays at the Ski Resorts or visiting families and friends. Everything shows that this winter and especially in December and January the demand for Private traveling will raise significantly.

During the worldwide pandemic closure, we have noticed that the popularity of Private Aviation, such as Private Jet and Helicopter chartering is raising, offering the clients more control over their trip and giving them the opportunity to travel with much more safety and privacy than with commercial airlines aircraft.

Another thing that we noticed the last couple of months of pandemic flight restrictions, is that in addition to serving our valuable clients, we are receiving a lot of requests from the new clients, that are using Private Aviation for the first time.  Chartering a Private Aircraft provides safe and comfortable traveling.

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