How Covid-19 has affected ABI and the Private Aviation Industry


Before Coronavirus if someone could take a glance of a normal working day in our office in Glyfada, initially would see an office full of life, busy people typing on their computers, papers being printed, they could hear a lot of phone calls and people talking on the phone in order to assist their customers.

But if you could observe a bit closer, by putting aside all this “noise”, you might notice a very organized system consists of a set of well-designed steps, followed strictly by employees and coworkers.

This very organized standard operating procedure (SOP) is one of the major factors which contributes significantly to making our company resilient to operate under extraordinary or extreme conditions, conditions such as ones we are facing right now.

Thus, now that we are all working from home, our company’s SOP enabled us to maintain our natural operational flow without any significant obstacles. In order to maintain connected and working as a team even from distance, we put a lot of weight on online communication.

Regarding the nature of our work due to the circumstances, the major change is that now we are mainly handling repatriation and humanitarian flights, while before a big part of our requests was for touristic or business purposes. And this is quite a big difference considering the constantly changing regulations and restrictions in the transport sector. Our Team is monitoring closely the turn of the events and is able to assist our clients 24/4, provide them with the necessary information and update them with all the requirements necessary for the flights. Therefore we can say that we might be busier than any other period at that moment, but we are also very conscious of the expected silence that is coming. Although we are very grateful and happy that we help people to reach their home towns and go back safe to their families, and this charges us with even more hope and motivation to continue.

In that point, we would like to express a big thank you to our operational partners, all the personnel, ground handling, engineers, pilots, flight crew and medical crew that they are in the front line and without their significant contribution wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of these.

For closing we would like to say that our motto is to maintain optimistically and get the advantage of the free time that is coming to improve our systems, train in the best way our new colleagues and be able to serve in the best way our valuable clients whenever necessary and when the time comes.

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