Getting Ready for Better Days to Come.

We hope for all our partners, valuable clients, and all people, in general, to stay strong in these critical times.
With our strong belief for better days to come we, here in ABI, are using time wisely. 
Meanwhile, we are very active with repatriation and medical flights (two of our operational partners are
equipped and approved for COVID-19 virus victims transportation).
We think that this is the right time to reconsider our strategies and to develop new projects
Although we strongly believe that good preparation can bring us a lot of steps ahead, it enables us to overcome future obstacles and helps to face success sooner.
One of our successful projects is ABI’s Partnership Programm that allows you to bring a dot of Private Aviation to your website,
get involved in Private Flight selling, and win a certain commission on every flight sold through your website. Our Smart Banner works and updates in real-time.
It also, enable your website to be recognized from Google as a helicopter and privet jet provider and
that will entail broadening the range of the people who view your website and therefore your potential clients.
 You can learn more and fill in the registration form HERE
Our IT experts working on the improvement of the ABI CRM base that is connected to all our websites in real-time. Web designers are dedicating their time to make our websites to become more functional and interesting for the visitors. Our main website ABI, the Medical Air Ambulance services are here GreekAirAmbulance, the website for and about traveling by a Private Jet – Jets4you, find out everything about helicopter flights here Helicopter4you, fly all over Greece with the GreekAirTaxiNetwork, heli sightseeing over Ancient Athens and Attica are presented on AthensHeliTours and over Magic Santorini island on SantoriniHeliTours. Be up to date about all Aviation news with AllAboutAviation.
On behalf of the hundreds of repatriated passengers (to a least 16 countries) we like to extend a warm thank you to our frontline colleagues
(ground handling personnel, engineers, flight crew, medical teams, and flight dispatchers)
We are holding strong, staying active in business and doing our best, that we wish to everyone.

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