Helicopter details
  • Manufacturer Airbus
  • Type Turbine Helicopter
  • Category N/A
  • Seating Capacity 5

  • Cruise Speed N/A
  • Max Speed 254 Km/h
  • Range 635 Km
  • Year N/A
  • Base N/A


Aircraft Description

Backed by experience and a long heritage, over 1,350 twin engine H135s have been delivered and are in service in more than 60 countries. With more than 300 operators, these versatile aircraft have flown 5 million hours.

Fitted with a bearingless main rotor,  shrouded tail rotor, engine software modifications, and a new lateral air intake, the H135 provides additional payload and delivers best-in-class performance throughout its flight envelope.

Two full authority digital engine control (FADEC)-equipped engine options are available: Safran Helicopter Engines’ Arrius 2B2 and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s 206B3. Both of these reliable turboshaft power plants provide outstanding performance and vital power reserves  even in one engine inoperative scenarios  along with low fuel consumption.

One of Airbus’ most successful light aircraft, the H135 is known for its endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, versatility and cost-competitiveness. The H135 comes with the lowest operating and maintenance costs in its class. This twin-engine helicopter can perform different missions, and can land almost anywhere, particularly in high and hot conditions, while carrying more payload over longer distances than other rotorcraft in its category.


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