Business flights back on track

Business flight

September turned out to be the turning point for aviation business and business flights precisely, after months of struggle during the pandemic. Though the requests for private jet charter wasn’t really affected compared to scheduled flight, last month we experienced business like before.

Business flight

September used to be the month of less traffic in regards to flight demand, this year turned the game around. Both leisure and business flight request took a toll since three to four weeks ago. We foresaw the event because most vacation trips and holidays had to be postponed, the restrictions caused the summer travels to start late.  However, business trips aren’t silent either, there’s been an increase in the number of business flight requests of recent.

Business flight

Given that many business meetings had to be conducted via video conference in the previous months due to the pandemic. Many businesses are now ready to commence their one-on-one meetings with clients around the world, taking seriously into consideration the  safety measures.

The purpose and essence of physical meeting cannot be bypassed notwithstanding the business sector, be it – engineering, fashion, finance or medicine – coming together of both parties involved in a business deal is important to aid smooth communication and negotiation.
For this reason, many companies including those that never patronized private aviation before now see private flight as solutions to their essential business trips. Considering the fact that it will keep in check their health safety compared to the commercial flight and their comfortability and connectivity will be maximized.Business flight
Whilst summer travel destinations like San Diego, Florence, Rome and Bali remain in demand, we are receiving more requests to business hub cities like…. Denver, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dubai.
The high increase in demand is definitely having impact on availability which stretches to keep prices dynamic. At ABI, we have organized different programs for our clients to make flying convenient.


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